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Sound Anchors Conecoasters Floor Protection x 4

Sound Anchors Conecoasters Floor Protection

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  • Set of 4 coasters. If you have expensive hardwood or tile floors the last thing you want to do is place a heavy object with spikes directly on it. This is even more important with fine furniture. Your beautifull surfaces can  be ruined beyond repair. Why would you want to compromise the sound quality of your system?
    If you have a reference music system you will seriously limit your systems performance if you choose to not use spikes or cones with it. So what can you do that will make it possible to use spikes on your hardwood or tile?


    Sound Anchors has been the leader in the development and production of high performance  speaker stands since our very beginnings. Our stands have a reputation for superior sound and are used by audiophiles and studio professionals alike. All Sound Anchor Speaker Stands and Component Stands are spiked at the floor. We have done a great deal of research into what happens at the interface between speaker and floor. We realzed that whatever you put between a spike and the floor must be rigid as not to allow any movement. It must also be poor at transfering energy into the floor. If the device is too good at transferring energy the floor will become a sounding board and distort .


    Sound Anchor Conecoasters protect your floors and  limit energy transfer thus improving  system performance . Sound Anchor Conecoasters  are designed so that they will accept either down pointing or up pointing cones. This gives you more options when tuning your audio system.

    Sound Anchor Conecoasters are made of two dissimilar materials. The upper (hard) part is made of super high quality stainless steel. It has no plating or surface coating to tarnish, discolor or come off. The lower (soft) part is made of a special ultra high density Polyester felt which was specially developed to restrict energy transfer in the audio band. It is a high loss low compliance material. It will not break down, soften or leave marks. This material will not harm wood or tile in any way.

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