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Primacoustic StratoTile - Reveal Glass wool ceiling tiles, 24

Primacoustic ThunderTile - Reveal Ceiling tile, composite, 24

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  • StratoTile - T-Bar Acoustic Panels

    • 2 x 2' (60.96 x 60.96cm) tile panels
    • These tiles feature a "reveal" edge to create a beveled (revealed) look when mounted on the ceiling tile frame
    • The sound absorbing panel is then bonded to a 1/2" thick layer of gypsum board which provides the extra mass to control sound

    The Primacoustic StratoTile™ is a great looking high-performance ceiling tile made from high-density glass wool for added absorption in the critical voice range. This helps improve intelligibility by attenuating flutter echo and reducing first order reflections.

    It features ¾” thick (20mm) high-density 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool constriction for maximum sound absorption and is encapsulated in fine micromesh with sealed edges to retain the minute glass fibers. The front surface is finished in Absolute White™ for excellent reflectivity or can be repainted to suit. Designed to retrofit into existing T-Bar systems, the StratoTile is available in both square 24″ x 24″ (60cm x 60cm) and rectangular 24″ x 48″ (60cm x 120cm) panel sizes and in choice of the space saving ‘lay-in’ edge treatment for flush-mounting or the ‘reveal’ edge that drops down below the T-Bar to produce an architecturally sculpted look. Cutting out panels for light fixtures, ventilation and ceiling speakers follows the same cut and position process used with regular ceiling tiles. But unlike low-cost mineral wool tiles, StratoTiles will not sag due to moisture. This makes it particularly well suited for use in regions with fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. The StratoTile has been fully tested to meet the stringent ASTM-E84 fire and smoke development requirements for Class-A/1 designation and safe use anywhere.

    Once in place, the StratoTile works with the air space above the panel (called the ‘plenum’) to absorb all frequencies down to 125Hz, delivering a truly linear performance throughout the voice range. This makes the StratoTile ideal for installations such as call centers, boardrooms, offices, restaurants, and classrooms, where excessive reverberation and echo inside the room can make conversations difficult.

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