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Primacoustic 2" Control Column Panel 12" x 48" x 2", beveled edge, Box Quantity:12

Primacoustic 1

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Primacoustic 1

    The 2" Thick Broadway Panel Control Columns from Primacoustic is a set of high-density absorptive panels designed to provide an acoustic treatment where you want to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo, and reduce standing waves. A typical installation includes a series of these panels installed between the sound source and the listener, usually spread across a wall surface with space between each panel. This configuration allows energy to reflect back into the room to prevent deadening of the acoustic space and leaves a sense of balance and natural ambient acoustics.


    The panels are easy to install on virtually any surface and feature a roman-pillar column-shaped design that is sure to match the aesthetic look of any environment. Its tall rectangular design makes it particularly well suited for installation in live-end and dead-end spaces, such as studios and home theaters. However, spreading multiple panels across a larger space, such as practice rooms or studios, can also be an economical choice for a larger installation.


    This model is made from 6-pound-per-cubic-foot fiberglass and has a panel depth of 2". It also features beveled edges. The set includes (12) panels, which are sufficient for a total surface coverage of 48 square feet. Mounting the panels on Primacoustic's Offset Impalers can create a space between the panels and the mounting surface to further enhance the absorptive performance of this product.


    Acoustic Treatment

    • Use these panels to improve acoustics by controlling primary reflections, eliminating flutter echo, and reducing standing waves.
    • The panels can be mounted to virtually any surface.
    • This solution works equally well in small- or large-scale installations.
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