Chris Tyng - TV and Film Composer

Rescue Me

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Veteran TV and film composer Chris Tyng is known for his work on Futurama, Knight Rider, The O.C., Rescue Me and many many more. A few years ago, he decided to close his Los Angeles based commercial studio and build a new private one from the ground up. This new studio would be a cutting edge technical marvel with one feature like no other studio. Since Chris is a composer that does his own The OCmixing and engineering, his dilemma has always been whether to have his extensive writing rig at the front of the room, or to have his Digidesign ProTools controller facing towards the speakers. In previous studios, he had to make a choice and stand by it. In the new studio, Chris worked with Audio Perception's Design and Consultation group to figure out a solution that would work in both situations. The result was a recessed 14 foot diameter platform in the middle of the control room floor that turned. This allows Chris to face either part of his setup forward depending on if he is composing or mixing. In addition to designing the wiring for a floor that turns in a circle, AP designed and wired the complete 6 room facility including a huge machine room with over 20 computers and custom patch panels all over the studio. Click "here" to view more pictures of the studio in our "Photos" section.