Anton Sanko - TV and Film Composer

Composer, musician, producer, Anton Sanko wears many hats. His credits range from TV shows like Big Love Anton1to movies like Steve Buscemi's Handsome Harry. He also worked with pop star Suzanne Vega as her musical director, co-producer and touring musician.  Anton depends on Audio Perception to keep his studio up and running at all times. Working on both a hit TV show, while also scoring movies, creates a demand for a very flexible studio setup. Anton also likes to record lots of live instruments like guitar and woodwinds in his scores, so his room had to be ready to take on that challenge. Although both Anton and his assistant Joel are both very tech savvy, they work with Audio Perception and depend on our many years of experience to help them make the right decisions when it comes to buying equipment, updating the studio, or just help getting something installed right the first time.