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Radial PowerStrip 1U Rack for 500 Series Modules

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  • A 1U Rack for Your 500 Series Modules

    Do you have a few stray 500 series modules that need a home? Put them to work in the Radial PowerStrip rack unit. This rackmount unit houses up to three 500 series modules in a single rack space. This easy-to-use chassis not only powers your 500 series modules, but allows you to easily connect them together in a complete signal chain. The PowerStrip gives you the complete functionality of all the 500 series modules with standard XLR I/O and TRS connectors. Add a complete signal-processing center to your rack with the Radial PowerStrip 500 series chassis.

    Radial PowerStrip 500 Series Chassis at a Glance:

    • Powerful and flexible I/O
    • Customize your workflow
    • Rugged all-metal construction for durability

    Powerful and flexible I/O
    While made to be compatible with API formats, the PowerStrip adds a ton of functionality to the 500 series format. You'll appreciate the flexible Omniport inputs, which greatly expand the versatility of your modules. Standard XLR I/O with additional TRS connectors can be used as multi-function outputs and for cross-patching. An innovative feed switch lets you easily connect your 500 series modules in a single signal chain without using the old API patch cord system.

    Customize your workflow
    Whether you're producing music in your studio or recording a live performance, your project always goes smoother when you've tailored your workflow to your style. The Radial PowerStrip makes it easy to combine world-class 500 Series microphone preamplifiers, EQs, compressors, and more, in one convenient desktop/portable chassis. With three empty slots, the PowerStrip is perfect for creating a personalized selection of processors for your specific needs.

    Durable all-metal construction for durability
    Made from ultra-strong 14-gauge steel, the Radial PowerStrip was designed to last a lifetime. You won't need to worry about this rack shelf falling apart. An extremely durable finish will keep your Radial PowerStrip looking great!

    Radial PowerStrip 500 Series Chassis Features:

    • Single space rack your favorite 500 series modules
    • Innovative Omniport connection
    • Tough 14-gauge steel construction to last a lifetime
    • Powers and connects up to three modules
    • Connects all modules into a single signal chain
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