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Radial PowerPre Mic Preamplifier

Radial PowerPre Mic Preamplifier

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Radial PowerPre Mic Preamplifier
    • Hand selected 100% discrete electronics
    • Hammond broadcast transformer output
    • AccuState™ low-noise input circuit
    • 3-position Vox control for added air or punch

    The Radial PowerPre™ is a high performance microphone preamplifier designed to be used with the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series modular racks. It features 100% discrete components for optimal signal transfer and employs a 'vintage' Hammond broadcast output transformer for warmth and exceptionally smooth tone.

    The design begins with a front mounted XLR for instant connectivity plus a recessed 48V phantom power switch for safety. Unlike most mic preamps that require careful gain adjustment to avoid troublesome noise, the PowerPre is equipped with the newly developed AccuState™ input stage that automatically optimizes signal-to-noise at all levels with up to 55dB of gain. This is supported with a full 10 segment LED for precise signal monitoring.

    To add extra character; a 3-position Vox control lets you set the PowerPre to 'breath' for added high frequency air such as when accentuating a vocal track or adding harmonic content to an acoustic guitar. The 'punch' setting adds body when recording electric guitar or can be used to fatten a voice. When set to linear, the PowerPre delivers a truly natural rendering for orchestral recording that will suit the most demanding purist. This is augmented with a gentle high-pass filter that helps control low end resonance when layering acoustic instruments.

    Ultra quiet, low noise and an exceptionally warm sounding…
    The PowerPre makes spectacular audio easy.

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