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  • D16 Digital Recording Studio
    16 tracks and uncompressed 24-bit recording/playback in a compact package. The new D16 digital recorder makes it easy to maintain professional-quality throughout the entire music production process, from recording to mastering.

    D16: The New Standard in Digital Recording
    The D16 is an all-in-one digital multi-track recorder that provides the ideal music production environment for all creative artists. An ample 16 tracks, uncompressed 24-bit recording, high-quality effects, and a rhythm section provide all the functionality you need to create music. The D16 opens the way to a new style of recording.

    Uncompressed 24-bit Recording and Playback for Pro-Quality Sound
    The D16 features high-quality 24-bit AD/DA converters and 24-bit S/PDIF to allow uncompressed 24-bit 44.1 kHz recording that goes far beyond CD-quality.* Your recorded material remains fully digital (24-bit internal processing) in the 16-track recorder, 24-channel mixer, and in the effects, which add the final polish to your composition.

    Full-digital processing ensures that there will be no loss of audio quality even during track bouncing
    8 tracks of simultaneous playback and 4 tracks of simultaneous recording are available when 24-bit recording is used. 16 tracks let you record a multitude of sources.

    The D16's 16-track recorder makes it possible for you to record multiple stereo sources without running out of tracks. A 2.1 Gbyte hard disk is built-in, which not only provides plenty of space when using 16 simultaneous tracks, but also gives you the flexibility of extended recording on a single track. When a single track is used, you can utilize an amazing 6.5 hours of recording time. Each track provides 8 virtual tracks. Thus in actuality, each song provides 16 x 8 = 128 tracks, allowing you to proceed without worrying about how many vacant tracks remain. When recording a solo part, you can record multiple takes on separate virtual tracks and select the best take later.

    Edit with ease at the touch of a fingertip
    The D16 features the Touch View™ system with a large 240 x 64 pixel backlit display. Operation is easy-simply touch the screen directly. Korg's own Touch View system was made famous in the Triton and Trinity workstations, and allows the recorded waveform to be graphically displayed for highly visual, intuitive, and quick editing.

    The digital advantage
    Since the D16 is fully digital, copying, pasting, and cutting phrases are easy; simply specify the IN, OUT, and TO locations. In addition, you can Undo to the state before recording or editing, or Redo an operation that was undone.

    The D16 provides convenient operations such as Time Stretch and Reverse Playback
    Normally, it is impossible to modify the tempo after a vocal or guitar track has been recorded, but by using Time Stretch you can match tempo between recordings of different tempi, or fit recorded data into a specific time length. The D16 also lets you assign Locate points (4 points in each song) or Mark points (100 points in each song) at breaks in the song structure and assign a name to each mark for easy access and recall.

    High-quality recording of every sonic detail
    Eight high-performance balanced preamps are provided for the analog inputs of the D16's mixer section in order to take maximum advantage of the full-digital audio quality. Of these, 2 have XLR connectors. A dedicated jack for direct connection to a guitar is also provided. The D16 supports a range of levels from mic level up to +16 dBu ensuring that any sound source can be used. All phone type inputs use TRS balanced jacks. Of course, conventional unbalanced connections are also supported.

    24-channel digital mixer and full-function EQ
    Each analog input and mixer channel provides high EQ, low EQ, and a peaking-type mid EQ with a center frequency that is sweepable from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Mixer settings such as fader, EQ, pan, and effects can be stored as a scene, and 100 scenes can be memorized for each song. Scenes can be switched automatically during playback, or can be recalled instantly as general-purpose setups. Plus, by recording MIDI data such as scene changes (program changes) on a MIDI sequencer and transmitting this data to the D16, you can automate the D16's mixer to create an organically linked system in which MIDI and audio are seamlessly connected.

    Superb effects, featuring Korg's latest "REMS" modeling technology
    REMS (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) is Korg's proprietary soundmodeling technology which precisely reproduces the complex character and nature of both acoustic and electric instruments as well as electronic circuits in real world environments. REMS emulates a wide variety of sound generation characteristics including instrument bodies, speakers and cabinets, acoustic fields, microphones, vacuum tubes, transistors, etc. It's like having an entire arsenal of classic guitar amps, cabinets, effects, and recording mics all without connecting any other equipment to the D16.

    Flexible 24-bit effect system
    The effect section of the D16 allows you to use as many as 8 effects inserted into the inputs or mixer channels, 2 master effects fed by sends from each channel, and an overall effect that is applied to the master output as the last stage of processing for a total of 11 simultaneous effects. Insertion effects and master/overall effects give you a total of 98 types of high-quality effects, of which up to 5 can be combined in an effect program.

    Convenient extras like a built-in tuner and Auto Save
    The D16 provides a built-in auto chromatic tuner. In addition to using this to tune a connected guitar or bass, you can even check the tuning of a playback track or the tuning of an external source via the built-in mic. Plus, the D16's Auto Save function ensures that songs or phrases that were recorded or edited will automatically be saved to the hard disk when the power is turned off, protecting your valuable data. Other extras include a built-in mic for instant recording access, a Trigger Record function to initiate recording when an audio source starts, and Program Playback that lets you arrange the order of song playback for easy album arrangement. In addition to the metronome, the D16 also includes 200 types of PCM rhythm patterns covering a wide range of musical styles for use as recording guides that provide a more useful sense of tempo and groove.

    Flexible integration
    On the D16 you can record a song from an external source such as record or CD, and then create tempo data that can be used to synchronize this data. Tempo can be recorded on the sync track either by setting a numerical (BPM) tempo (tempo map), or by using the Tap Tempo function to record the tempo (sync track). Of course you can also synchronize to MIDI Clock, and operate in synchronization with an MTC or MMC-compatible rhythm machine, drum machine, or sequencer. The D16 provides not only the flexibility of analog inputs, but also gives you all major connectors you need: 24-bit S/PDIF digital IN/OUT, a SCSI connector, and AUX OUT. The S/PDIF connectors can be used to digitally record audio from an external digital device such as CD or MD, or for direct digital output of your mixdowns to DAT or MD. The standard SCSI port can be used to connect up to 7 SCSI devices of up to 1000 Gbytes, allowing recording/ playback on various removable media in addition to data backup.* A separately sold CD-R or CD-R/RW drive can be connected to the SCSI connector to create your own original audio CDs.

    *Disclaimer: There has been a specification update for the D16 Digital Recording Studio
    The D16 does not currently have the capability to back up data to CDR, CDR/W, or CDR/RW, as previously noted on the Korg website and as specified in issue 15 of Proview magazine. A new version of the D16's operating system, which adds the ability to back up to these devices, will be available in Mid-July. We regret the confusion and apologize for any inconvenience.

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