Joel Douek - Film / TV Composer

"I cannot recommend Audio Perception highly enough.  They are true professionals in the design, building and troubleshooting of music creation audio systems, but most importantly, their active and established relationships with many of the top film and TV composers in the industry means they have a special insight into our particular needs, and how the evolving technology can best serve us.  It is also this bank of knowledge that they represent that led me to feature them in the SCL event: "Music Technology for the Working Composer", and the information that they provided there has transformed mine and others systems and workflow.  They are also highly personable and their prices are very reasonable.  It doesn't get better than that!"

Joel Douek - Film/TV Composertallman

The Tall Man
The Wildest Dream: Conquest Of Everest
Flying Monsters 3D
David Attenborough`s First Life
Discovery Atlas Revealed
Hunting The Egde Of Space
The Last Mermaids
As The Call, So The Echo
The Link