Audio Perception Post provides a full array of audio post production, music, and audio support services for independent film makers, festival films, features, and projects for TV and cable. Along with our extensive audio post sound services, we also work with an exceptional group of industry professionals to offer music supervision and music editing services, as well as pre-production consultation on audio and location sound at the start of your project. And lastly, with our network of talented and experienced music composers and songwriters, we can create the perfect original song or complete score to finish the job.

  • Pre-production Audio Consulting

  • Production Sound Services

  • Sound Supervision

  • Dialog Editing/ADR/VO

  • Sound Design/Foley

  • Music Editing/Mixing/Mastering

  • Original Music, Songs and Scores

  • Final Mix (Stereo and 5.1 Surround)

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    Audio Perception offers a variety of design and consulting services to aid you with anything from building a new studio or acoustic space from the ground up to upgrading your current room. Our in-house technicians and designers work with an outside network of contractors, consultants and experts to provide you with many services including acoustic design and consulting, creating space plans, design documents, 3-D renders or constructions plans. During the construction phase we offer supervision and consulting servies to make sure what is being built accurately represents the plans. We also offer consulting services such as sound treatment or sound proofing for homes, commercial spaces, offices, conference rooms or home theaters. Lastly we work with our technical engineers and our wiring and integration team to make sure the design works great with all of the equipment and wiring.

    • Recording Studio and Acoustic Space Design

    • Space Plans, Construction Drawings and 3D Renders

    • Electrical, HVAC and Mechanical Systems

    • Full Consulting Services for Architects and Developers

    • Custom Studio Furniture and Workstations

    • Work Flow Creation and Optimizations

    • Audio / Video System Design and Consulting

    • Home Theater, Conference Rooms and Restaurants

    Tech wiring and integration services
    Design Post
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    Choosing the correct piece of furniture is one of the most important items to get right in your studio. If you think about how much time you spend working at your computer, mixer, console or keyboard controller, it should be easy to see how important it is to get the furniture your are working on right. Having the wrong furniture can not only make it uncomfortable to work, but can cause painful and long-term injury. Audio Perception can help you design and build the perfect piece to work with you each day.

    First we meet with you to get an idea of exactly what you need. We talk about what you are looking for and what you may not like about your current setup. We take measurements of the equipment you are using, and give carful attention to other important things like the height of your chair, the best height for you computer keyboard or controller, and crucial considerations like your line of site to the computer screens and speakers, and which items need to be close by to be reached comfortably.

    Next we take this data and design your furniture in a 3D environment so you can fully visualize what the piece will look like. From this we can view the furniture from all sides, and even place it in a scale studio space, so you can see how it interacts with the other furniture and features of the room. After any last changes are made, the model is used to relay the exact design and measurements to the builders like a 3D blueprint.

    AP's builders can create almost any type of design, and work in different mediums including wood, glass and metal. Each piece can be completely customized to fit exactly what you want in a workspace.  Consoles and keyboard that disappear into the furniture, blending with the piece instead of just sitting on top of a flat desk, controllers and screens built at the optimal height and distance for comfortable work, custom racks with lockable doors of glass or wood, and hidden wire ways and equipment access. Almost any design idea you may have is possible.

    With the piece built, it's time for the finish department, where items made of wood can be completed with  an endless choices of stains, paints, and other custom finishes. Metal parts can be plated, painted or have custom finishes applied, and final touches such as doors, power units, fans or other devices can be installed as necessary. When the desk is completed and ready to go, we will bring it to you and install it in place, or have it packed in a secure crate and shipped across the country.

    IIf you would like more information about this months featured service: Custom Studio Furniture Design and Manufacturing, please contact Audio Perception and see more about our custom furniture services here.

    You know how it is, everything in your studio works great right up till the hour before your big session or the night before your mix is due. Audio Perception knows how important it is to have a reliable system you can count on when you need it most. With that in mind, we provide a large array of technical engineering services for our clients. We cover everything from studio installs, upgrades, and troubleshooting, to equipment maintenance and complete wiring services. We provide support and instruction for ProTools, Logic, Performer, Cubase, Reason, Live and most all other plugins, virtual instruments, DAWs and hardware. We also provide tech services over the phone, thru video chat or with email. Last but not least, we offer complete support for your computers, servers and network.

    • A/V System Tech Support and Consulting

    • System Installations and Upgrades

    • System Maintenance and Updates

    • Troubleshooting and Emergency Repairs

    • Personal and Group Instruction

    • Mac and Windows Support

    • Network and Server Setup or Maintenance

    • Custom Web, App and AppleScript Solutions

    TechHov wiring and integration services
    Design acoustic treatment services
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    All of that amazing equipment you purchased is only as good as the wiring that connects it all. Audio Perception is here to make sure that everything is connected properly and sounding the best it can. We can supply you with all your wiring needs using stock cables, custom cables, snakes, wall panels or patch bays. And don’t worry if you are not sure what you need, AP’s engineers can design your whole audio or video system. We then follow up the design with a full professional install and testing to make sure it’s all working as expected. At the end we can provide you with complete documentation such as wiring charts and signal flow diagrams.

    • Audio System and Studio Wiring

    • Snakes and Custom Cable Fabrication

    • Patch Bays and Wall Panels

    • Machine Room Design and Install

    • Audio Equipment Install and Integration

    • Whole Facility Wiring and Equipment Integration

    • Complete Wiring and Signal Flow Documentation

    • Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

    Tech wiring and integration services
    Design acoustic treatment services
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    There are many different ways to approach treating an acoustic space. Audio Perception is here to help you choose the best solutions for your unique project. We can provide many products from track and cloth solutions, to custom or pre-made walls panels and acoustic products. AP also offers design and installation services to make sure that your space looks and sounds amazing. Whether you have a recording studio, post production room, home theater, conference room or maybe just a noisy office, home, resturant or public space, Audio Perception has the products and experience to make it look and sound great.

    • Acoustic Treatment Design and Installation

    • Custom Solutions or Pre-made Products

    • Panels, Bass Traps, Clouds, Diffusers and More

    • Acoustic Products and Hardware Sales

    • Post Production, Editing or Mixing Suites

    • Home Theater and Home Construction Soundproofing

    • Conference and Boardroom Design and Install

    • Restaurants, Offices and Other Public Areas

    Tech wiring and integration services
    Design acoustic treatment services
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