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Radial Space Heater 500 Series Module Tube Overdrive

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  • The Space Heater 500 is an analog tube saturation and distortion module for use with the Radial Workhorse or any 500 series rack, with an oversized output transformer and vacuum tube drive circuit for vintage warmth and character. A three-position heat switch provides the ability to adjust the voltage on the 12AX7 tube - lower voltage settings starve the tube for a more pronounced distortion effect. Separate Drive and Level controls give you complete control over the tube circuit, providing a range of tones that allow you to fatten up digital stems or provide a distorted effect on vocals, guitars or drums. The Space Heater 500 also features sweepable high-pass and low-pass filters that can be assigned 'pre or post' tube, allowing you to focus the tube effect on a particular frequency band or cause the tube to react in a different way.

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