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Radial EXTC 500 Series Guitar Effects Interface

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  • The Radial Engineering EXTC-500 Guitar Effects Studio Interface enables creatively inclined engineers to introduce guitar pedals into the signal chain. The EXTC Studio Interface takes a balanced signal, unbalances it and reduces the level so that it can properly interface with hi-Z guitar pedals. Once the signal is processed, this studio interface reverses the process by taking the unbalanced signal and reconverts it back to a +4 dB balanced line level signal for easy manipulation in the professional recording environment. This, for instance, lets you add wah to a kick drum, tube distortion to a vocal track, or maybe an old-school tape echo to an acoustic guitar. As pedals can be noisy, the EXTC Studio Interface is transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. A 180° polarity reverse ensures that the wet-dry mix is in phase.

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