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Radial OX8-r 8-channel Microphone Splitter

Radial OX8-r 8-channel Microphone Splitter

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Radial OX8-r 8-channel Microphone Splitter
  • The Radial 8ox is a 19” single space rackmount 8 channel mic splitter that has been designed to provide a compact and efficient method of taking 8 microphones and splitting the signal to a recorder and public address sound system. Each channel is equipped with a premium Jensen bridging transformer for optimum signal transfer and is supplemented with a -20dB input pad for line level applications.

    Connectivity includes front panel XLR input connectors which are wired in parallel with a choice of either DB25 D-subs or screw type Euro-block (Phoenix) for hard wiring. There are three sets of outputs. These include: a direct feed and phantom power return for the main mixer; a direct feed with front panel ground lift switch for monitors; and an isolated feed from the transformer for recording.

    Plug and play easy to use, the Radial 8ox is 100% passive and therefore requires no power to make it work. This makes the Radial 8ox ideal for field recording systems and in permanent venue installations where microphones or balance line level signals may have to feed various consoles or recording systems.Bookmark
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