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Sound Anchors ADJ-27 Stands for Barefoot MM27 spkrs (pair)


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    Heavy-duty stands designed specifically to mount Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 monitors.

    When your monitors are positioned properly on rigid  stable platforms  your entire soundfield is more clear, tones are more accurate, dynamic contrasts are greater and subtle anomalies in the mix are more apparent.  Sound Anchor Speaker Stands help make proper speaker placement possible so that you can get the sound right. The common solutions (shelves and wall mounts) are partial solutions but they hardly ever work really well. They seldom position your monitors exactly where they need to be for best sound and usually have other problems as well.

    Built custom by Sound Anchor for Barefoot Sound MicroMain27s
    Stand Specs:
    Base: 21"x17"x2" (LxWxH)
    Stand Height: 56"
    Tweeter Height Adjustment: 13" to 54.5"
    Maximum clearance Under Speaker (vertical): 44.25"
    Maximum Clearance Under Speaker (horizontal): 49"
    Speaker Mount Tilt: 5 degrees up or down

    Sound Anchors Stand Mounting Procedure (Assembly and installation available. Call: 818-693-0134)

    1. Remove the mounting bracket from the stand and place it on the side of the speaker cabinet. Line up the mounting holes, insert the bolts and finger tighten. If the bolts are too long and bottom out before the bracket is snug against the speaker cabinet, STOP. You may have the wrong size bolts.

    2. Secure the speaker mounting bracket to the stand at desired height.

    3. Attach MM27 handles the side of cabinet opposite to the side the mounting bracket will attach to. Then set the speaker horizontally on the floor.

    * If your cabinet doesn't have mounting bolt holes on both sides, then set the speaker horizontally between two stacks of books straddling the subwoofer to prevent it from touching the floor.

    4. Tilt the stand down and line up the mounting bracket holes with the cabinet bolt holes.

    5. Insert bolts and tighten until the mounting bracket is snug against the speaker cabinet. Do not over tighten! If the bolts are too long and bottom out before the bracket is snug, STOP. You may have the wrong size bolts.

    * A good way to ensure you do not over tighten the bolts is to put the long end of the Allen wrench into the bolt and turn it using the short end. Tighten the bolt using no more force than you can apply to the short end of the wrench while holding it in the tips of your thumb and index finger.

    6. Carefully tilt the entire assembly (speaker and stand) back up so it stands vertically.


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