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Primacoustic Offset Impaler, 3.5” air gap Box Quantity:8

Primacoustic Offset Impaler, Offset impaler adds 3.5

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Primacoustic Offset Impaler, Offset impaler adds 3.5
    • Adds air space behind panel to increase bass absorption
    • Easy to install design provides screwdriver access
    • Two-way pivoting anchor for left or right hand installation

    The Primacoustic Offset Impaler offers an effective method to increase bass absorption by introducing an air cavity behind a Broadway panel. This delivers as much as one extra octave of low frequency attenuation without any additional cost.

    The U-shaped design is equipped with pivoting darts for left-hand or right-hand installations, thus allowing the same part to be used on either side of the panel. Front access holes provide easy access for a screwdriver or power drill to quicken installation. Because the Offset impaler employs a 3.5″ (8.89cm) stand-off, it matches the size of a typical two-by-four making it simple to integrate using standard building supplies during construction. This makes flush mounting easier for installations such as studios and home theaters where added bass absorption is usually desired.

    As the panel basically floats on top of the wall surface, we recommend adding a dab of adhesive in between the Impaler and the panel. This will ensure the panel is locked in place after installation.

    Shipped 8 to a box, the Offset Impaler is made from a heavy galvanized steel plate and is easily installed in plasterboard, sheetrock or masonry using the triple-action Cobra Anchors.

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