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Radial WM8 8-ch Mixer for Workhorse 500 Series Chassis

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  • The Radial Engineering WM8 Workhorse Mixer Section is an 8-channel mixer designed specifically for the WR8 Radial Workhorse. This enables the WR8 Radial Workhorse to be upgraded to full Workhorse functionality and is user-installed following a simple online video.

    The WM8 Workhorse Mixer Section employs a virtual earth mix buss for low noise. This feeds the 8 module slots to the control surface where individual on-off switches, channel level controls, left-right pan, and overload LED indicators are found. The master section features Jensen transformer outputs for extra warmth and isolation plus a separate monitor out.

    A super loud dual-output headphone amplifier lets you share the mix with the producer even in the noisiest of venues. An expansion slot lets you combine multiple Workhorses together to create larger systems. The built-in mixer has a separate D-sub input for analog summing.

    The Radial WM8 mixer assembly comes with everything you need to plug it into a Workhorse WR8 power rack. Once mounted, the WR8 Radial Workhorse’s 1,600mA power supply will automatically allocate 400mA of current to the WM8 mixer and preserve 1,200mA of current for the 8 modules. This shared pool will give you plenty of power, on an average of 160mA per module.

      8-Channel Mixer: Each channel features individual on-off switch, level control, L-R pan, and peak indicator
      Main Out: Jensen transformer isolated with separate level control to feed recording system or PA
      Monitor Out: Balanced output used to feed reference monitors or tape machine when recording
      Power LEDs: Separate LED indicators for ± 16V rails and 48V phantom power
      Headphones: High gain headphone amplifier with dual outputs for sharing the mix with producer
      Modular Format: Dual channel rails like large format mixers for easy servicing
      Jensen Transformers: Add warmth and character to the signal path while eliminating ground loops
      Ribbon Connectors: Used to plug the WM8 mixer section into the WR8 rack enclosure
      MIL-SPEC PCB: Double sided through-hole PCB assembly with full surface ground plane for low noise
      Main Output: Jensen transformer isolated balanced output with effects insert loop
      Monitor Output: Separate monitor output lets you split the mix to 2 locations
      Expansion Buss: Used to gang several Workhorses together to create larger systems
      Ground Lugs: Separate earth ground and audio ground connections for advanced studio wiring
    Applications: Combine the sound of various modules, lets you monitor and record in analog, simultaneously record and perform live, bring analog into the digital realm.
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