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Recent Releases and Updates

Current release:      

September 29, 2017:    Avid NEXIS v7.9 is now available. This release introduces two new Avid NEXIS products: Avid NEXIS | PRO with 4TB drives, and Avid NEXIS E2 | SSD, an all-SSD solution. See the Avid NEXIS ReadMe (below) for more details.

Update on System Drives (SSDs)

July 17, 2017:    See this announcement about metadata SSD capacity requirements and replacement sizes for Avid | NEXIS Enterprise Engines.

Avid NEXIS Documentation:

Avid NEXIS ReadMe Version 7.9New! September 29, 2017
Client CompatibilityNew! September 29, 2017
Avid NEXIS Administration Guide V7.9New! September 29, 2017
Avid NEXIS Setup and Maintenance GuideNew! September 29, 2017
Avid Network and Switch GuideNew! September 29, 2017
Avid NEXIS File Gateway GuideLatest version: Feb. 2017 (v7)
Avid NEXIS Client Guide (English, PDF) -- Updated for 7.6
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_AR)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_FR)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_DE)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_ES)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_IT)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_KO)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_JA)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_RU)
Avid NEXIS Client Help  (ClientHelp_CHS)
Arabic, v7.6
French, v7.6
German, v7.6
Spanish, v7.6
Italian, v7.6
Korean, v7.6
Japanese, v7.6
Russian, v7.6
Simplified Chinese, v7.6
Avid Benchmark Utility GuideVersion 6, May 2016 (also applies to Avid NEXIS v7)

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Previous Releases:

Avid NEXIS Version 7.8 adds support for Windows Server 2016 clients, and support for 10TB Media Pack drives in E-Series Engines.

Avid NEXIS Version 7.7 adds support for Media Mirroring with 1-Disk Protection on Workspaces.

Avid NEXIS Version 7.6.1 included Media Composer playback, Workspace redistribution, and Install Wizard fixes and improvements.

Avid NEXIS v7.6 introduces support for High Performance Media Packs, Storage Groups, and Workspaces intended for small workgroups working with ultra-high bandwidth media. In addition, the Receive Side Setting (RSS) value for Myricom 10-Gb network interface cards changed to Enabled. This setting is configured automatically by the Client Manager software. The Client Guide and help has been updated for both high performance storage groups and the changed RSS value.

Avid NEXIS v7.5 removes the restrictions on add and remove redistributions for mirrored workspaces, and includes a fix for LDAP servers. It also changes the Receive Side Scaling (RSS) value for some client operating systems. See the Avid NEXIS v7.5 ReadMe for full details. The Avid NEXIS Administration Guide has been revised to reflect the relaxed support for redistributions. The Avid NEXIS Client Guide (English only) has been revised to reflect the new RSS value.

Avid NEXIS v7.4  introduces support for CentOS Linux as a client operating system, and includes additional fixes. 
The Avid NEXIS Client Guide includes instructions on installing the Avid NEXIS Client software on a CentOS system. The Avid NEXIS Client guide is available in English only for this release, but will be translated soon.

Avid NEXIS v7.3.2  patch fixes a timing issue causing some Media Indexing systems to assert.

Avid NEXIS v7.3.1  patch fixes an LDAP issue.

Avid NEXIS v7.3 includes the Avid NEXIS Client Kit available as a separate download from the Avid Download Center; fix to Default Gateway Address; fix for NEXIS | E5 fan and power supply information in the Agent; "edit While Capture issue; support for additional Myricom 10GbE NICs.

Avid NEXIS 7.2 release:

Avid NEXIS v7.1 release:  Avid NEXIS v7.0 release:

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